The Foundation


Tee and Charles Addams Foundation was established as a not-for-profit private operating organization by his widow, Tee Addams, in 1999. The Foundation’s purpose is to interpret and share the artistic achievement of Charles Addams’s life through exhibitions and programs developed from all works by Charles Addams including the Foundation’s own collections and from its copyrights of the Addams oeuvre.

The Foundation’s Collections include published and unpublished cartoons, drawings and paintings by the artist, as well as a private trove of works by his colleagues. It embodies a number of objects from which Charles Addams drew his inspiration. An archive of books, correspondences, photographs and other biographical materials related to his life and times are also encompassed in the Foundation Collections.

Located on the couple’s property and nature sanctuary affectionately named The Swamp in Sagaponack, New York, the estate houses administrative offices, as well as, Addams’ last studio. The Foundation continues to organize publications, exhibitions and educational programs reflecting various aspects of the life and art of Charles Addams.  Open to the public by appointment from June through October, the Foundation also hosts special events on the property.